I'm Noah. I like Scott Pilgrim and Harry Potter and Green Day and The Wombats.


me and my cousins, 
you and your cousins, 
i can feel it coming.

favorite band. hands down.

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 #my kingdom for an au when the two of them are able to escape at this point #all hell goes down #just as it does in canon #…except sansa and tyrion have already snuck out the back door #and are stuffing their faces with lemoncakes #so no one is accused of murder and no one is placed in the ‘protection’ of a sexual predator #tyrion lannister #sansa stark #hairbrushing #got season 4 (tags from thegoodlannister)

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hmm yess lets take the character development AND THROW IT DOWN THE DRAIN

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…the future of pizza (X)

none pizza left beef

i just dont understand why anyone would use this ever? like… nifty and all but wouldn’t be faster to be like, uh hey waiter ill take a large pizza, pepperoni on half?